Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Party Time!

Just Bowtifull Accessories make awesome party favors!!! Email with a head count and we will give you a quote!!!

Party Pack for 10 lucky little girls! Email if you have questions about customizing your party pack!

Party Cake Pops have arrived! (courtesy of fattycakesandbakes)
Treat your guests to a beautiful party pop designed to match your party theme (i.e. baby shower, birthday party, special holiday, etc.) These delectable treats are a fantastic way to say so many things...Thank You (for the gift), You can do it (make it through your pregnancy), Get Well (those who might experience difficulty through the pregnancy process)(Little ones who might be sick), I LOVE YOU!! (who doesn't want to hear that!). They are sure to put a smile on a special someone's face. In turn you will be smiling!
Each pop is $3 with a minimum order of one dozen (12). Each pop comes individually wrapped!
The delicious flavors are Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Brownie and Oreo!!!! Email with your special request!!! YUMMY!

Party Wings!! {$10}

Diaper Cakes are a wonderful way to present the new parents with a gift that they will DEFIANTLY need! Here are a few samples. Email with the theme of the party or colors and we will design your diaper cake to fit your needs.

Boo Boo Bunny!!!
These little bunny's come with your choice of ribbon. They are the perfect little gift for baby shower favors! They are $1/bunny. Pop a piece of ice in this little bunny and watch the tears go away!

Personalized Party Outfits!!
These custom outfits are made to match the theme of your little ones party! It's always fun to be the start of the show! These little outfits are sure to make the birthday child feel like the star!!

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