Thursday, July 30, 2009

little or no hair baby bows!!

Baby bows are 3 for $1.00. They have been tested on some of our favorite baldies and work! Here is how to get these bows to stick with little or no hair. To adhere the bow, put a pea sized amount of surgilube, ky jelly, karo syrup, or super hold hair gel on the bow or on baby's head and gently press the little bow onto your baby's head to adhere the bow! Once the jelly has dried these bows will stay put all day!! To remove the bow simply use a damp cloth or a little water and the bow will slide right off. One bow is good for SEVERAL uses.

These paired with a monogrammed blanket or by themselves would make any new parents EXTREMELY happy! There are many new styles of baby bows to come over the next 2 weeks!

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